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What Is Cypherium

An instant ledger to process real-time transactions for billions of users

A smart contract platform to enable enterprise use cases for all industries

A trusted database to connect RWAs, digital identities, and dApps around the world

An open network to enfranchise any participant or contributor

A secure vault to combat the increasing threats to data privacy

By providing a truly decentralized and scalable framework, combined with an accessible and intuitive user interface, Cypherium lays a comprehensive foundation for developers to create groundbreaking apps capable of transforming the future of business, law, and enterprise solutions.

Using a hybrid consensus mechanism that utilizes both Proof-of-Work and HotStuff, our blockchain is designed to achieve commercialization viability by maximizing both decentralization and scalability without sacrificing one for the other. Unlike many second- and third-generation blockchains that abandon Satoshi Nakamoto’s original permissionless, trustless consensus mechanism, Cypherium is built on the valuable innovations of previous blockchains.

We Are Engaging With World Leaders of Financial Industry

Although COVID-19 has stagnated much of the world’s economic activity and professional engagement, we have taken proactive measures to prepare for the RWA revolution. Currently, we are advising a series of virtual discussions on the “Future of Money” with the world’s leading Central Banks, bridging the gap between CeFi and DeFi

Panel Discussion with Bank of England, Swiss National Bank, Central Bank of Hungary and ING

Cypherium and Bank of Thailand Discussing CBDC, Blockchain Interoperability and DeFi

Virtual Roundtable with Banque de France on Its Wholesale CBDC Experiment

Virtual Roundtable with the Central Bank of Netherlands

Sky Guo Interview With Nasdaq

RWA Update: The New Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Approximately $37 trillion USD in circulation around the world. In the next few years, we believe that all assets will be tokenised. Cypherium is integrating its solutions to the newly realized RWA financial system and will capitalize in this multi-trillion dollar market opportunity.


  • CypherLink: Notary scheme cross ledger framework
  • Cypherium Connect: Third party plugin module for banking systems
  • Cypherium Validator: Verification machine
  • Cypherium ID: Decentralized ID authentication system


  • 24/7/365 available, real-time intermediary to replace the inefficient legacy inter-bank communication systems and to connect digital assets all around the world
  • ISO 20022 compliant and can seamlessly be embedded with the the current financial system Third party plugin module for banking systems
Digital Currency Interoperability Framework

The Season of Killer Apps

We have already shifted our focus from general consensus about “thousands of TPS”, “blockchain trilemma”, or “sharding” to real killer apps, which are considered the Holy Grail of blockchains


Leveraging Cypherium’s Blockchain on Google Cloud

New Business Processes

World's largest HR company, Randstad is using a combination of Cypherium blockchain and Google Cloud to match talent to corporate needs more efficiently and free up teams to do more value-added work.

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We Are Cypherium

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