How It Works

Dual Chain Structure & Hybrid Consensus

The Process

Mining in traditional Proof-of-Work protocols like Bitcoin takes on two related yet distinct functions. First, mining involves electing a leader who is responsible for generating the newest block. The second function consists of verifying the transaction data that exists within the block body. However, there is nothing inherently beneficial about using a single process to complete both of these actions.

Cypherium’s technology separates these two processes into two distinct blockchains in order to improve the efficiency of both. An election chain chooses Proof-of-Work leaders to write new blocks, while a transaction chain uses HotStuff consensus to verify the transaction data within those blocks. Building off Bitcoin-NG and ByzCoin protocols, the Cypherium blockchain is optimized for both on-chain scalability & permissionless mineability through this hybrid approach to consensus.

Voting Committee

A Peek Inside

How It Works



The leader node (crown) proposes a block and waits to be verified by validating nodes.



If 2/3 of the quorum is reached, the block is accepted into the blockchain.



Following its acceptance, the new block is then broadcasted to all nodes.



Honest, verified nodes will then reject all messages from nodes without PoW.

Cypherium achieves unprecedented scalability by electing the voting committee to separate PoW from the transaction verification process, with bandwidth limited only by the capacity of the individual nodes and latency limited only by the propagation time of the network.

Benefits that you get

Reduced security threats

With sophisticated technology in place, the likelihood of Sybil and 51% attacks becomes nearly impossible.

Faster Transaction

By utilizing dual-action blockchains, users no longer need to wait on transaction confirmation.

No Minimum Charges for Smart Contract

Having eliminated price minimums, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using the platform.

No fixed block size

Faster, more adaptable processing allows the technology to scale.

Initial Mainnet Offering

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