May 3, 2020 | 3 Min Read

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Cypherium has just officially joined as a member of the Microsoft for Startups program. We’d like to take a moment to explain what this means for our project and our community.

Previously Cypherium had partnered with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform to make our enterprise-grade blockchain available to Azure customers as a tech stack solution. This step was taken in tandem with listings at AWSGoogle Cloud, and IBM to demonstrate the power of our network and to highlight our seamless integration with legacy technologies. Our new entry into the Microsoft for Startups program will help us scale these efforts in a more concerted way.

Microsoft for Startups helps new, promising projects gain a critical edge in the crowded fields of Blockchain-as-a-Service and Blockchain consulting. Entering this program provides Cypherium with a new network of customers, collaborators, and mentors that will be critical as our industry continues to expand during these turbulent times. Our project will also have access to Azure computing resources that will help us scale our work in order to meet the material needs of our growing customer base. These resources are invaluable assets for new companies like ours, which instead of being a great expense may now be our most scalable asset.

We are entering into a profoundly uncertain moment in the globalized economy. There is increasing tension over the value of fiat currencies and their buying power, particularly across borders; supply chains are in a state of precarity, largely propped up by government assistance; the real (non-financialized) economy is in a kind of self-induced coma, and no one can know for certain how these suspensions will impact our future. What is certain, however, is that a world of distributed economy has grown beyond its status as a futuristic hypothesis toward a clear and present necessity. Blockchains like Cypherium have the ability to coordinate economic growth across borders, while more effectively navigating economic emergencies. This is due to the fact that blockchain is such a pliable, various invention. Blockchains and smart contracting systems can greatly impact financial services, democratizing access to the global economy, while ensuring the fair and reliable administration of goods and services that uphold those economies.

Microsoft for Startups understands the importance of new technologies implicitly, and its multifaceted approach to company development reflects the diverse applications and relevance of new technologies like Cypherium. As a new member, Cypherium will be able to gain access to leading companies in all areas of the economy. Moreover, the go-to-market support that this program provides will help Cypherium to meet our customers’ urgent real-world needs in whatever industry they may be.

Joining the Microsoft for Startups program allows us to take concrete steps toward growth in an era of flux and confusion. We are excited to join the over one billion dollars in sales opportunities that have been secured for startups active in the program. And we are very eager for the opportunity to share our technology with the best and brightest in industries and countries throughout the world.

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