May 13, 2020 | 3 Min Read

The Importance of Enterprise Partnerships

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As a guiding principle, the Cypherium team has always put our technology before all other aspects of our company. This has led us to a culture of innovation and self-awareness that has both helped us adapt to the constantly-changing crypto climates and distinguished us among so many newly emerging blockchains. However, our team, led by our CEO Sky, is constantly assessing the best way to bring our technology to our community and to the world. Strategic enterprise partnerships have been an absolutely critical foundation for the growth of Cypherium as a company and the implementation of our network. Most notably, we have fostered enterprise partnerships with GoogleMicrosoftAmazon, and IBM. Cypherium is the first blockchain project that has partnered with all of the tech giants.

Partnerships are dependable methods for businesses of all types to flourish together. And cryptocurrencies, in this regard, are no exception. Any partnership can offer certain fundamental values, such as a fuller, less individualized perspective on the market or industry, a mutual assessment of each company’s weaknesses and strength, and much more. Obviously, though, our partnerships have a unique dynamic in that we, as a small team of cutting-edge engineers, have chosen to pursue partnerships with the biggest tech companies in the world. However, as with any partnership, our relationship with these companies is based upon a mutual proposal of value.

What do these companies get from Cypherium? While every major tech company has begun to develop its own blockchain team and proprietary IP, these efforts primarily aim to educate and to prepare resources for future investment; they rarely “lead the charge.” Companies like Cypherium are able to take on more risks, to move more daringly, and to move their fields forward. We break new ground, and through our enterprise partnerships, these tech giants allow themselves and their customers access to the front lines of decentralized technology.

What do we get in return? There are three primary aspects of these relationships that the Cypherium team sees as essential to the success of our technology:

  1. Public Confidence: Of course, there is an aspect of legitimizing that we get from our partnerships with these household brand names. Aligning ourselves with such great businesses shows our community and beyond that our tech can pass rigorous vetting.
  2. Legacy Integration: Our partnerships open channels of communication that we need in order to fully assess and address the needs of current ledger technology users. Cypherium’s enterprise partnerships offer us important insight into the reasons why businesses might choose a blockchain solution, as well as a fuller, more general view of the B2B sales landscape across a number of industries.
  3. Real-World Application: Ultimately, these partnerships get Cypherium out into the world, independent of market concerns. Making ourselves available on these platforms allows us to deploy in a controlled, meaningful way.

In short, enterprise partnerships are the most concrete way to grow a technology-first network like ours. Cypherium will continue to put its tech before any other aspect of our business. It is our focus on the network itself that earned us these enterprise partnerships and the benefits they bring.

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